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Orange Mud Gear Vest Review

The Orange Mud Gear Vest fit the bill. A small high riding vest with pockets on the front for whatever I need access to without slowdown, a small 1 L bladder included, additional pockets for nutrition bars, satellite tracking device, etc.

This vest checked all my boxes and my experiences with Orange Mud products in the past has always been great. The Gear Vest like all of the Orange Mud products I have used has exceeded my expectations and has become my absolute favorite running vest. Because it rides high and is small very little of my torso is covered which means I can stay cooler in the heat. Fit and adjustment is easy and it stays like I set it. Comfortable to a point of not even noticing that I am wearing it regardless of how full I fill it and I can fit a surprising amount of gear in and on it.

I absolutely recommend this vest with no reservations for anyone looking for a small vest, with all the essential features, quality construction, quality materials and really a great price.

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